nik2There’s probably not a single craft or DIY project that I haven’t thought about trying.  I’m always up for a crafting challenge!  I fell in love with crafting and handmade after realizing there was nothing more rewarding than creating something with your own hands and being able to add your own unique expression.  I’m constantly working to improve and learn new skills while enjoying each and every project.  I always knew I was meant to do something creative, but finding the courage to make the leap has been a challenge.  I decided it was finally time to make the change from hobby to career.  I know it certainly will not be an overnight success, and I won’t be able to fully quit my day job anytime soon (if ever), but I know I need to incorporate crafting into my future.  There will definitely be plenty of challenges along the way.  Nobody said being your own boss was going to be easy!  Follow along and share my successes (and struggles) as I make the jump into the handmade world.  I hope I can be an encouragement to any of you that are contemplating such a transition!