Crafty t-shirt day at work…

At work, each month is filled with different themed days to participate in. Earlier this week was “crafty t-shirt day.”

I didn’t have many supplies on hand, and I didn’t want to spend money for something I’d only wear for a few hours.  I figured I’d try to make it craft themed, and try to use a few different crafting techniques instead.

I started searching through all of my scraps to see what I could dig up. I found a leftover remnant of some pink polka dot material. I used a paper punch to make a template for the letters, which I then traced onto the fabric.

I didn’t have any stabilizer or wonder under to applique the letters, but surprisingly it didn’t move around/stretch and came out straight!

This also gave me an excuse to use my cricut again 🤗!  I had some red foil iron on.  I think it would’ve looked better if it was a lighter color because it was not enough of a contrast to the black t-shirt.  It made it a little difficult to read the letters but oh well!

I LOVE this font for some reason!   I think it’s super cute and I think the stitched outline is a nice detail.  I made a mini yarn ball with sewing pins to mimic knitting needles, but I ended up leaving it off. 

I’m most pleased that the letter appliquĂ©s went on so smoothly and didn’t give me any trouble.

Till next time!



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