WIP Wednesday – Very Pink Sixes and Threes Inspired Knitted Cowl

A few months ago I saw an old post on YouTube that really caught my eye.  I was looking for some ideas to help me work on color changes and incorporating more design into knits.  The video was for an infinity cowl that blends the different colors together in a really nice way.  

The link to the website can be found HERE. Also check out the VeryPink YouTube channel for great tutorials!

I don’t have the knitting pattern so I’m just kind of winging it as I go.  I do like that it helps me work on a few techniques such as circular knitting, jogless stripes, and Kitchener stitch.  I have never tried the Kitchener join so wish me luck!! 

I originally chose USC colors in hopes of wearing it to the basketball game. I didn’t have a chance to work on it so that didn’t happen.  I still want to complete it though.  I’ve been trying to make more time lately to tackle it whenever I can.  The great thing about knitting and crocheting is the ability to take it on the go and work on it more often.  Unlike other crafts, you’re not limited by being at a desk.

I’m having to adjust my cowl as I go because my first color block is too long.  If I make all the blocks the same length, the cowl will be much too big.  Since I’m a fanatic on symmetry and perfection, I’m going to compensate by decreasing the lengths of the striped blocks only.  I think I should’ve cast on less stitches also because it’s about an inch or so wider than I’d prefer.  We’ll see how it turns out!


Black Vinyl Foldover Clutch Purse Handbag

Super excited for this finished project.  It’s something that’s been on the to-do list for quite some time, but I didn’t really have the supplies to make it the way I wanted.

Last month sometime, there were some really great fabric sales at JoAnn so I decided to stock up.

I really wanted to try out working with vinyl because I hadn’t used it before.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t difficult to work with!

I bought a 1/4 yard of vinyl and I still have enough left to make a few more clutches. The striped fabric is a 54″ home decor fabric.  I also picked up some blue striped print.

For the lining, I had 2 fat quarters on hand that happened to match the striped fabric.  What a perfect coincidence!

I wish my local fabric store carried more colors of the metal zippers. I just picked up a few basic black and brown ones for now.  I almost forgot that I wanted to add a tassel/pull to the zipper.  I think it definitely gives it a finishing touch.

Without vinyl zipper pull:


Overall, I’m super pleased with the results!  As with any project, there are little details throughout that need to be cleaner, but I’m happy with the topstitching, the lining, etc!  Can’t wait to create some more!

Till next time!


Baby Girl Scrapbook Page

Slowly but surely trying to find the motivation and inspiration to tackle the mound of pictures I need to scrapbook.  It’s been years since I’ve done any!  I’m definitely rusty and most of the pictures just ended up going into a regular photo album because I just didn’t have the time.

I mostly want to take the time to get all of  Giuliana and Gabriella’s pictures done.  I know how it sucks to not have any pics from childhood so I want to make sure they have memories.

The last few times I’ve tried to sit down and scrapbook, it’s been so hard to find inspiration.  I either didn’t have any cardstock or embellishments to work with, too indecisive, or mostly I was just unable to be creative.

I think hitting a creative block has got to be one of the hardest and most frustrating feelings.  Ever notice that it always happens when you finally have a moment to sit down and actually devote a day to working on a project?!

I pretty much forced myself to sit down and not get up until I finished at least a page.  I didn’t care if I ended up loving or hating it.  I knew I just needed to at least get something in the page!  It’s the only way to get better, and it’s the only way to start getting out of the creative block.

Overall, it’s OKAY.  I wish I had some more cardstock with neat prints and designs rather than just plain colors.  

I gave away so much of my scrapbook stuff when I did a clean sweep a couple of years ago so now I wish I still had some!  I look forward to improving again and complete both of their scrapbooks this year!

DIY Dog Harness Part 3: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Karla is celebrating in style with her new shamrock dog harness.  I surprisingly like the green color on her!

I was originally going to use plain black on the backside (which helps make it reversible), but I was lazy and wanted to cut the pieces out all at once.

I want to start finding new parachute buckles to use because the current choice is too bulky looking.  I want to figure out a different pattern so that I can make it adjustable for a better fit.  I’ve been pressed for time though so I just used the same design as her Valentine’s Day Dog Harness.

I made a few adjustments to the fit and shape, but it’s basically the same.  I also used a different batting and I think I like it better than the fusible one from before.  It gives better shape to the harness in my opinion.

Overall, the design and fit (and sewing neatness) still need some work but she’s comfortable and it is fully functional!

Monsters Inc. Scrapbook Prep using Cricut

Trying to tackle a few scrapbook pages this month.  My pictures have piled up so much over the years so I want to take advantage of having a little (a lot!) more free time.  It’s also so nice to have a Cricut now (thanks boo!😘) so I can actually make die cuts and embellishments.  After all, that stuff costs way too much to buy all the time!

I’m loving all of the different images and cartridges available!  I decided to start with a Monsters Inc. page.  I was trying to put off purchasing any extra Cricut tools, but I’ve realized the spatula really helps keep the cardstock from breaking/curling when removing from the cutting mat.

I’m also waaaay too lazy to replace the different colors after each layer is cut!  I’m sure most experienced users already do this, but a nice tip is to arrange the layers on the mat so that you can fit as many different colors on a single mat.

You’ll still need to unload/load after each color is cut, but it saves time and energy to already have the different cardstocks positioned on the map.

I love seeing the assembled die cuts!  So cute!  Can’t wait to start on the scrapbook page and cross some more crafts off the to do list.

Till next time!


Cute Little Dinosaur Boxed Pouch – Sewing Finished Object

So happy when I get to cross things off my to-do list!  I bought this dinosaur print fabric months ago.  I had a few ideas of what I wanted to use it for, but didn’t really decide for certain.

I wanted to make a little boxed bag this month, either for makeup or craft tools.  I normally keep my knitting needles and crochet hooks together, but I don’t really like the way the crochet hooks fit.  I decided this little pouch would be the perfect solution!

My original pouch was so bad!  Well, not at first.  Once I tried to alter it after construction was the mistake.  It was nice and neat but I didn’t plan out the size correctly so it was too short and wide for what I had in mind.  I wish I had more photos.

I decided to try to make it taller and slimmer but that only caused it to be crooked and too tall (photo below)!  The only thing I like about the original version of the pouch was the zipper tabs I used.  I think it gives a nice clean finish:

I realized that when I trimmed the boxed corners, it completely lost its shape and sturdiness, even with interfacing:

Such a disappointment!  I should’ve left it alone!  BUT, I love failures because they’re a learning experience.  I remade the pouch, paying careful attention to what I wanted the finished measurements to be.  I ditched the zipper tab covers, and added actual tabs to ease opening and closing the zipper.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the resulting pouch!

I interfaced both the main and lining fabrics this time for extra durability.

Even though the placement of this tab was slightly off, I don’t care! Lol

I prefer taking the extra time to slip stitch lining seems closed.  It gives a cleaner look than just sewing it closed.

Make sure your directional prints are facing the correct way before you sew!  Also, once you box your corners, don’t trim the excess fabric!  It helps keep the stucture and aid the “boxy” look!

Next time I will definitely choose a coordinating lining thread.  (I was just too lazy to change the bobbin😜):

Can’t wait to make some more of these cute little pouches!

Till next time!


Crafty t-shirt day at work…

At work, each month is filled with different themed days to participate in. Earlier this week was “crafty t-shirt day.”

I didn’t have many supplies on hand, and I didn’t want to spend money for something I’d only wear for a few hours.  I figured I’d try to make it craft themed, and try to use a few different crafting techniques instead.

I started searching through all of my scraps to see what I could dig up. I found a leftover remnant of some pink polka dot material. I used a paper punch to make a template for the letters, which I then traced onto the fabric.

I didn’t have any stabilizer or wonder under to applique the letters, but surprisingly it didn’t move around/stretch and came out straight!

This also gave me an excuse to use my cricut again 🤗!  I had some red foil iron on.  I think it would’ve looked better if it was a lighter color because it was not enough of a contrast to the black t-shirt.  It made it a little difficult to read the letters but oh well!

I LOVE this font for some reason!   I think it’s super cute and I think the stitched outline is a nice detail.  I made a mini yarn ball with sewing pins to mimic knitting needles, but I ended up leaving it off. 

I’m most pleased that the letter appliqués went on so smoothly and didn’t give me any trouble.

Till next time!


Follow my Blog on Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Just a quick post to link my blog to Bloglovin.  I had heard of the site before but never really knew what it was until I saw this blog post from chronicleofellen.  I like the idea that you can find blogs from different platforms in one spot, as well as tailoring it to your specific interests.  It’s also a good way for people to follow your blog without having to sign up wordpress.

I tend to get overwhelmed by too many social media sites and I try to stick to the minimum because many of them are basically the same features.  I feel like if I update one status, why should there be five other sites to right the same status?  Why can’t we all just have one site like the good ol’ MySpace days?  I think this one is different though because it reminds me more of a reader space for all of the blog pages so I think I will actually put it to good use!

Till next time!


Pattern Draping on the Stand: Sweetheart Bodice

Started practicing pattern draping again this week.  Haven’t attempted it for more than a few years now.  It’s difficult so I really want to master it as best as possible.  I know that’s going to require practicing a whole lot more but there’s something about it I love.  

I have no problem buying/using a professional or free pattern, but there’s something satisfying knowing you created it yourself.  I love the technical side of sewing so I think that’s why I appreciate the process.  It reminds me of an intricate  puzzle that needs to be conquered.

I am in no way even close to saying I know how to drape or draft my own patterns, but i have done a few semi-successful pieces over the years.  They’re successful in that they look like garments, but the fit is always an issue.  I think one of the things adding to this is that I have an adjustable dressform. It’s great in the sense that it can fit multiple sizes but this then leaves openings at all of the major seam lines.  It’s very difficult to get an exact measurement.  I can always go in afterwards and fix it on paper, but I’m trying to learn the drape method.

For this attempt, I chose a bustier because it would require a few things I specifically wanted to practice:

  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Fully lined without visible seam allowances
  • Using boning
  • Inserting a zipper between main and lining fabrics

It also requires little fabric so it wouldn’t cost much.  I was able to make it with a remnant and some muslin.

I used a spool of ribbon to trace out the lines on the dressform.  I wish I had the teeny tiny width ribbon instead but I just used what I had on hand.  My dressform doesn’t come with a princess seamline so I had to create my own with the ribbon…definitely needs better placement:

When it came time start draping the muslin, the gaps in the dressform made it difficult to determine seam lines as well as get a tight fit:

I also tied a string down the side of the dressform to mimic the side seam:

I had a remnant of some Satin on hand, and I used some mulsin as the lining (since this isn’t meant for wearing, just practice).  This was also my first attempt at using boning.  It wasn’t too bad, but I hated how curled it was.  I saw a tip to iron it flat so I’ll try that next time:

Overall, I’m pleased that it resembles a real garment lol.  I think if I’d used fabric other than Satin, it would actually make a cute little crop top or something.  The Satin just makes it too prom-y to wear out.  I need to work on keeping the seams from puckering as well.  I don’t like the shape of the neckline, so I need to play around with getting it how I want.  I also don’t know if I care for the center front seam.  I may try another one using just a single piece for the front panel.  I would also opt for a better/more fashionable zipper if I were to make one for wearing:

See you next time!

March 2017 Project To-Do List

There aren’t many things I love more than organizing/planning my time out.  I try to be a “go with the flow” type, and sometimes I can successfully, however I feel I work my best when I schedule my week.  The same goes for my crafting.  I feel like I have so many things that I’m asked to help with and ideas I want to try, that if I don’t jot them down in the moment I’ll forget for months.  Sometimes inspiration hits from unlikely places so I hate to lose that.  

One of the changes this year has been to make a list at the beginning of the month of projects I want/need to tackle.  It keeps me from forgetting, but also helps keep me on track.  I want to keep a steady habit of starting and finishing projects in a decent amount of time.  I also want to be sure I’m consistently working on something.  It’s the only way to improve and get to where I want to be.

Which brings me to this month’s list!  It’s definitely an ambitious list considering I didn’t finish my February list.  I chose to roll over the unfinished objectives because I still plan to get them done.

I always add to the list as I think if new things to try so hopefully I’ll have the time to complete at least half of this list!