Woodland Creatures Minky Baby Blanket with Satin Blanket Binding (FO)

Had to resist posting this FO for a little while since it was a gift for a recent baby shower, and I didn’t want the parents to see it on social media.  A super sweet couple are expecting their first child (a boy!), and I LOVE having a reason to make baby things!  Not only is the fabric selection for babies insanely amazing, but making tiny sized items is so adorable and fun.  I think it’s also practical because babies go through so many things that you can never have enough on hand.  Also, who doesn’t love one-of-a-kind items?I love the sentimental value things can have, especially when you’ve grown up and you look back at all the things your parents saved from childhood.  I still have my baby blanket that someone made for me, and I never forgot about it growing up.

For this project, I heard they wanted to go for a kind of “woodland creatures” theme, so when I saw this fabric I thought it was perfect!  I like that it’s not the typical color scheme for baby boys, but it also made it a little more difficult to decide what coordinating colors I liked best.  There was not a huge color selection of Minky fabric or blanket binding at my local fabric store so I decided to make the blanket using variations of mint/green only.  I think the slightly darker blanket binding makes a great contrast to both the main and back fabrics while keeping it from looking too “matchy-matchy.”


This was also my first time attempting to use satin blanket binding, and yes, it was less than a perfect attempt.  It’s slippery against the fabric, and being satin, I didn’t want to use pins out of fear of causing snags.  These binder clips did an ok job of keeping the layers of fabric in place between the binding, but there was still a good amount of movement and lots of adjusting.  I’m not usually a fan of using zig zag stitch often, but for this type of binding, I really do think it is a benefit to the construction as well as to the look of the item.


The only difficult part of using this type of binding is turning the corners.  Not bad for my first try, but being the perfectionist I am, it drove me crazy!!  It is difficult to keep the corners mitered perfectly without pins, but also making sure the top and bottom are lined up so that both layers are seamed up together.  This did not happen for any of my corners so I always had to make a second row of zig zag stitches parallel to the first row.  Thankfully, it’s not super noticeable, and it also makes the seams more durable. LOL!

Another issue to pay attention to is that you are keeping your blanket edges pressed against the crease of the binding, especially when turning the corners.  I messed up one corner and it threw the rest of the binding off a bit.  It caused an elongated point to form, and it also wrinkled up the binding much more than before it got off track.


Overall, I really like the idea of using this type of binding.  It takes a little practice to get the corners correct, but you get a clean fancy edge and you don’t lose any length or width by having to account for seam allowances.  I have one more coming up (for another boy!) so hopefully I’ll be able to work out some of the kinks and get an even better binding.


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