DIY Dog Harness with Bias Binding

So this week’s project was another sewing adventure, and  Karla just seems to work as the easiest guinea pig since items for her don’t require spending a lot on supplies.  The inspiration for this project came from all of her walks and trips to the dog park.  She LOVES being outside and snooping around, which unfortunately makes her tug her leash too much when she’s excited.  We always feel bad that she chokes herself, and we’ve wanted to get her a dog harness instead.  It seemed like a fun and easy DIY to tackle so that we could have our own unique version to match her DIY Dog Leash.

There are so many styles of dog harnesses, but I wanted to try and make one that would really show off the design of the fabric.  I opted to make the straps of the harness wrap around her chest and belly, but after testing it out I think I prefer to make the wider cushiony part of the harness against her chest and have the straps wrap across her back.  I think this will still show off enough of the fabric design and will provide more comfort when she tugs.

For our first test run, the moment she had any resistance, the harness came right off.  I used general purpose velcro I already had on hand, which I knew just wasn’t going to work.  I swapped it out for some heavy duty velcro, and the grip seems to hold up so much better.  Overall, I don’t think the velcro is an ideal choice for a closure for this style of dog harness.  I plan on making her a few more in a few days so she can be stylin’ for the upcoming holidays.  I’m going to replace the velcro closure with nylon strapping and a parachute buckle which will guarantee the harness won’t come off.


I do like the idea of binding the edges with bias tape, but it was such a hassle for some reason!  I’ve used bias binding enough times, so I don’t know if I was just overly tired or what, but I could not for the life of me get a nice finish around the curved edges.  I was going to leave it, but being the perfectionist I am, I ripped it out the next day to redo it.  I must have been exhausted because taking it out and re-sewing it nicely took hardly any effort.  It did take a nice chunk out of my finger, though, as I can’t believe I ran it over with the sewing machine!!  I guess there’s a first time for everything, and seeing how much better the bias binding came out was worth the little mishap!  Stay tuned for DIY Dog Harness Part 2 to see if it’s as successful as this attempt!


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